For the time being, the software-radio is taking a direction towards point-to-point communications in MIMO-channels. We would very much like to study the implications of multi-point to multi-point communications, as well as low-tech implementations of a communication.

Multi-point to Multi-point

Point-to-point communications are quite well known. In fact, every commercially available transmission technology today only works in a point-to-point configuration, usually surrounded with a method to be sure that only one person is sending at the same time on the same frequency.

Different theories describe the possiblity of having more than one sender at the same time and being able to reconstruct the signal at the other end. It would be very interesting to study these theories in a real environment in order to give a feed-back about problems arising when implementing such theories.

Low-Tech Communication

The current hardware in use is capable taking advantage of several MHz of spectrum to transmit and receive. HAM-radios only have a couple of kHz of spectrum available for the transcpetion. It would be interesting to study transmission using a sound-card and a HAM-radio, perhaps to propose a better and faster transmission than AX.25.

Linus Gasser 2004-04-14